Saturday October 26
Eagle's Hall 
631 - 13th Street North

Quick update

We've taken back control once again. Official Twitter is now @CasteMetal. This will accompany the new website we've been working on which should be going live in the next couple weeks or so. Hit us up there or in the circle pit.

So who has a bangover?

Hey guys,

Just a really big thanks from all of us for making last night so intense and awesome. We were shocked by the amazing turnout and totally enjoyed being your entertainment last night. It was tons of fun getting to know a few more Castettes and Castitos while crushing Pil's and rocking out to Social Chaos too! Massive response from a wall to wall crowd reminds me that it's a privilege to put smiles on all those faces and to see your fists up in the air. You guys rock and we will be seeing you very soon...

More Metal

Hey Caste freaks. There's some sick shit going down at Jimmy's Pub on August 31 that involves overdriving aliens, green cowboys, and an RC uterus. Get it?

Caste of Shadows with guests.

Friday night entertainment

This should keep you entertained for 42 minutes. Enjoy your Friday night!!!


Hello friends. Life has bestowed upon us great challenges and difficulty for which we are not accustomed ie. since we is all growed up differnt shit happins here and there that keeps sum of us kept up n shit.

The Caste has not forgotten about you, our faithful followers, and we see the page hits pouring in even with no updates or shows being played for a few months now. We appreciate your support. Rest assured that when we return it shall be tighter, stronger, and better than ever.

I personally oversee The Circle Pit (above) which is staying quite lame and is quickly becoming one of my least favorite hangouts on teh interwebz. In order to bring less order to said pit, this is an open invitation to spam the board. If you don't know what that means (ur a n00b), post in the circle pit and we'll enlighten you. For free.

Want to know how Arik gets that atomic double kick or why we hired a neanderthal (that can't read) to play lead guitar? The Pit.

Dying for some intelligent conversation about our headbang philosophy? How about some chest hair grooming tips? Think you can shred? Get cut down in The Circle Pit!!!

Can't find a date for next week's goat mutilation? Think you're hot? Need some unsolicited financial advice? You probably do! THE CIRCLE PIT!!!! BAAAHHHHHAHA!

If we see you in there and we like you, we'll probably give you free shit.

Until next time, make as much money as you can.

New Blood

Caste of Shadows had a departure a few months ago and we're sorry to announce that our friend and bandmate Dave has left the metal behind.

However, we've recruited new member Paul who is bringing it back with a vengeance and we're now writing new songs and getting everything just fucking tight for you all.

We see you've not forgotten us and yesterday this site reached 2000 pageviews! Thanks for your support and we'll be melting faces again in the very near future.

Edit: I've also fixed the music so it won't be going offline anymore. Now hosted by